Thursday, March 27, 2014

2 Million Hits!

UPDATE 18/04/14: A few preview pics for Game of Cocks part 2 - The Cum of Power! ;)
UPDATE 30/03/14: Also added a few new pics to World's Biggest Studs as mini-stories for a few MILFs in their daily jobs. Will add more if people are interested...

 This blog reached 2 million hits today, an occasion to celebrate with a few more renders also in time for the upcoming return of Game of Thrones on TV!
Also, I would like to thank all those who actively contribute to this blog, notably Nelly and Druul with their great stories. Newcomers who want to try their hands at writing erotica are always welcome by the way...
I can also announce that I will be moving into a new flat, together with the computer I normally use for rendering, thus greatly increasing the amount of pics I will be able to make in the coming months!
Cheers, Tim

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lucky Thirteen at Zoomers (mF+)

Tim Grant has finally turned thirteen and DruulEmpire is here to tell us everything about the boy's lucky birthday! Don't forget to send him feedback in the comments section!

a Tim Grant adventure

by DruulEmpire

3:55 AM
Tim Grant’s home annex

      Tim slapped the alarm clock almost instantly and was the only person to be roused by it.  He carefully extricated himself from bed and went naked in the dusky dark over to the telescope set up at the center of his room.  He looked in and smiled to catch furtive shadows cast by indirect lighting.  The Chen household was very much alive, preparing for showtime.

     With minutes to spare, he went over to his small refrigerator and pulled out a short stout bottle of Perqola.  He noted the many bottles stashed away in there, then shut the door and faced the many boxes of Perqola still piled high against one wall.  It had been a little weird, and even a bit arrogant, of the management of the Perqola Stadium to send each member of the band Supersnake so much damn Perqola – in particular the newest flavor they were pushing, Wild Cherry Perqola – simply for being the opening act for the Jerichrome reunion.  Yet while soda pop was not usually Tim’s preference, he didn’t mind.  He quickly found the Wild Cherry Perqola quite addictive, and appreciated its caffeine jolt.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

HBO Special: World's Biggest Muscle Studs

UPDATE 30/03/14: Also added a few new pics as mini-stories for a few MILFs in their daily jobs. Will add more if people are interested...
You can now also vote on the right for your favorite MILF from this series, and let us know why you chose her in the feedback section here.

- All images in a convenient zip file here:

“ Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our very first edition of « World’s biggest muscle studs », the show that brings together the very best specimens of human virility from the four corners of the planet to compete for our 1 million dollar prize money! ”

The music starts blaring, light beams scour the stage where the presenter, Randy West, clad in only a bow tie and glittering black speedos has just announced the beginning of the ceremony. Members of the public in the Longdong Festival Hall applaud and some whistles are heard as a bevvy of busty bikini babes enter from both backstage sides to perform their dance routine. At the end, they line up and the spotlight moves from one babe to the other as each tears off her top to roaring applause. With a wink, the babes leave and Randy West comes back to the centre of the stage.

Monday, December 23, 2013

The Big Drummer Boy (mF+)

DruulEmpire is back with a hot story to heat up the Christmas season, as part of the Tim Grant Series.
Don't forget to send him feedback!


      Tim enjoyed school – in his way.  He enjoyed entering a classroom, particularly when it was empty and nothing was scheduled.  He enjoyed the devilish little smile on the teacher’s lips as she playfully shut and locked the door behind him.  He enjoyed how, as the teacher swiftly yanked all her clothes off, her smile broadened.  His science teacher Vanessa had taken the longest time to thaw, but now she was practically as bubbly and shameless as the others.  Yes, it was all too typical that the average boy hated school – but definitely not Tim.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fucktoy Jenny 2100

I'm running behind in my renders because I am moving job and country next January and I have too much real-life work to cope with at the moment. So I'm uploading what I did a while back with a story idea I had featuring fitness model Jenny Poussin but it is not finished... Can't tell when I'll be able to get back to working on this blog, but it might take a while as I need to settle into my new job, find a permanent place to live and until then the computer will be in a storage box...
Feedback and comments welcome, link to HD gallery at the bottom of this post as usual.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is... Part 9 (mF)

Nelly is rejoicing us with another hot installment of her saga.
Enjoy and don't forget to post feedback and let her know your appreciation!

Chapter 9: Gaming Night at David's
Thomas woke up, slowly at first, then with a jerk when he felt that other body, warm and soft, cuddled up against him. For a few seconds he felt completely lost and disoriented. Where was he? Who was that pressed up against him at his right side. Slowly a widening grin appeared on his face, though, as he remembered the day and night before. He slowly turned his head to look at the sleeping Sophia, resting her head on his strong, right arm. Gently he pulled her closer with his arm, and pressed his face into her hair, smelling her, and feeling her warm, soft breathing against his skin with a shudder of pleasure. He could barely believe his luck, having beautiful Sophia sleeping on his arm, with a sweet smile on her soft lips. He couldn't help himself, but leaned closer to her face, and softly pressed his lips to hers, lightly brushing her soft lips with his own. She gave out a soft moan, and rolled on to her side, placing her left hand on his broad chest. She remained sleeping though, though she pressed her face closer to his muscular chest.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween Bust-Up (3D)

UPDATE 26/10: By popular demand (but REALLY the last pic!), another enhanced boy...
UPDATE 25/10: 3 more pics added, Cersei gets her "cannisters" enhanced, Lina gets a full body boost-up, and I finished off with a major cock-up, so to speak...

In the spirit of halloween and this blog... I made some breast expansion images that some people have been asking for. One features the fitness model Jenny Poussin (who will be in an upcoming comic I'm halfway done with - hope to post it completed in a couple of weeks). Jenny mentioned how she felt this was trick AND treat... Models rendered on still background images, extra points for spotting the only spooky change I made to one of them...
Feedback and suggestions for other models to be "enhanced" until Halloween welcome!
PS: High-Def gallery link at the bottom of the post as usual...

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Swooning at Swan (mF+)

 The latest installment of Tim Grant's Saga by DruulEmpire has more pussy breaches that any story on this blog so far...


     Baby oil.  For weeks Tim kept a tiny vial of it handy on his person as a kind of good luck charm, and suddenly his luck paid off.  At that exact moment he was naked on top of Ms. Shakti Kaur’s desk in her classroom, fucking away inside the exotic beauty Rona Ngati beneath him, watching her simply humongous jiggly breasts shudder and ripple and gallop below his very eyes, shimmering gently from his application of baby oil.  He loved the view, loved the delicious feel of applying the oil to her skin and those fatly protruding nipples, and at any moment he was about to love trying some strange new act he had heard about, something called “motorboating.”

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Incest-O-Rama (3D) - REMASTERED

I wasn't happy with my first comic, I was still on a learning curve and made many mistakes, some pics looked different that others, the cum was just unrealistic white blobs, dialogs were off sometimes.... So I painstakingly redid all the panels, BIGGER and BETTER.
There is a link to the HD gallery (better than what you see here, same goes for the other comics) at the BOTTOM of this post. Feedback appreciated as always.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Game of Cocks - Myrcella's New Harem Studs (3D)

UPDATE 15/10: 4 more pages added, will now only update by batches of 10. Please leave feedback here.
UPDATE 13/10:  Redid all the panels to make the text more readable and also correct a couple of lighting issues + added 2 new pics. Enjoy and please post some feedback, there are hundreds of views and only five people bothering to comment! It doesn't take long to post something and it can be anonymous. It took me hours to make the pics on the other hand.

Just posting a few pics of a new comic I'm thinking about, based on Game of Cocks, featuring Myrcella and a couple of new studs arriving into her harem. Not quite sure how to continue it, whether she should be mean or not, the guys tough or not, etc... so feedback welcome.
Otherwise, there was an update to Miss MILF and Miss Teen World in case you missed it. Already have some more pics made but am waiting to get enough done for another update soon.